ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELD FILM CLOAKING FILM: Anti-electromagnetic radiation film, anti-radiation film for
computer room, glass partition, computer room, mobile phone
Radiation protection film, radiation protection insulation film,
home radiation protection film effect: 10-40dB in the frequency
range of 50MHz to 3GHz, with good blocking characteristics. Light
transmittance: 10-85%, sun resistance and heat insulation
performance 30-90%, multiple models available.
Anti-electromagnetic radiation film is a new type of antielectromagnetic radiation film, which can effectively block
electromagnetic waves, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. Radiation at
frequencies commonly used in various technologies. This will
successfully block the electrons, and it will also give you the benefit
of unbundling the energy. Many people are not aware of the threat
of remote access through glass windows. This technology can
intercept electronic leaks and steal information from electronic
devices such as computers, printers, and PDAs at long distances
through complex technologies such as laser microphones. Now, our
anti-electromagnetic radiation transparent film technology can
relieve your troubles.
Purpose: It can prevent or reduce external electromagnetic waves
from entering/exiting the room through the wall, preventing
information leakage and reducing the impact of electromagnetic
radiation on indoor personnel; it has good electromagnetic
radiation protection for residents who live around high-voltage
transmission lines and other areas with strong electromagnetic
radiation. Function; application: special conference rooms such as
telecommunications centers, computer rooms, industrial process
control rooms, information confidentiality rooms, important
conference rooms; electromagnetic barriers such as instrument
surfaces, monitors, windows, light-transmitting holes, and liquid
crystal display windows; laboratories, test rooms , hospitals,
electromagnetic radiation protection rooms, etc.; household door
and window glass radiation protection is a must for residential

Cloaking film is used as an architectural film for glass walls, office glass doors and windows. It is suitable for blocking computer monitors and digital screens so that they cannot be seen by the outside world. The function of the cloaking film is that it adds an invisible layer of privacy to the screen, using to protect sensitive data and confidential information. Cloaking film is ideal for government department, medical facilities, and corporate offices.